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From the smile that welcomes you on board to round the clock room service and the white-gloved hand that serves Afternoon Tea. It’s the attention to the finest detail.

Cunard Cruises - White Star Service

Cunard Cruises - White Star Service Pin

What is White Star Service?

Gracious and personal.

Attentive and friendly.

Polished and unobtrusive.

You will see White Star Service pins worn proudly by all crew members onboard, demonstrating their commitment to these standards.

Cunard Cruises - White Star Chef

Feel welcome from the very first "good afternoon"

There's something rather distinctive about the service on board a Cunard ship. You'll recognise it from the very first greeting when you embark.
It's a combination of courtesy and confidence that tells you you're in the hands of a very professional crew. Made up of individuals who take great pride in making your stay on board an unforgettable experience.

You will hear it in the way your stateroom steward greets you by name and remembers details about your trip. You'll see it in your waiter's impeccable attention to detail. You'll feel it in the way you relax the second you step on board.

Cunard believe great service is warm and sincere. It isn't stuffy. It isn't hurried. It's always friendly, but never over familiar. Great service takes its lead from you.

At Cunard they call it White Star Service because it's a shining example of how things should be done.

Cunard Cruises - White Star Service

White Star Signatures


Association with royalty and high society.


The Most Famous Ocean Liners in the World.


Over 175 years of maritime history.



White glove embarkation.


Cunard Grills dining experience.


British Afternoon tea.


Formal style service.



Unique cultural enrichment.


Gracious officers and crew.


Transatlantic liner experience.